Zimbabwe Property Webinar 2021

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Zimbabwe Property Webinar 2021 Webinar Registration Closed

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Zimbabwe Property Webinar 2021

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Wednesday 3 February 2021
15:00hrs – 16:30hrs CAT

Owning a home is probably the biggest dream of an individual. It is big not only in monetary terms but also the emotional value that it accords. Owning a home signifies freedom from landlords and lease agreements and shifting homes every few years. To top all these, home ownership brings with it a sense of accomplishment and social status. When home ownership signifies so much, one needs to ensure that your purchase decision is carefully analysed, planned and executed.

Join us on a virtual discussion to obtain factual and expert opinion on home ownership in Zimbabwe. The webinar is hosting notable experts with vast experience in property varying from developers, professional property designers and architects, mortgage lenders and legal experts. 

The panel discussion will cover the following:

  • Zimbabwe residential property market
  • Property affordability (mortgages and payment terms)
  • Smart residential housing for Zimbabwe (designs and structures)
  • Evaluating the authenticity of residential property on sale (ownership, permits & title subdivision)


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The Panelists

Ken Sharpe

Chairman, West Property Zimbabwe

Barbara Mugocha

City of Harare, Principal Town Planner

Batanai Peresuh

Honey & Blanckenberg Partner,
Head of Commercial Development

Kudzayi Phillip

Partner, Troika Design Workshop
Architectural, Design & Engineering Firm

Revesayi Tabeth Nyahasha

Diaspora Banking Manager, Steward Bank

Patrick Muzondo

Director, Financial Markets Indaba

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