Millenium Heights

Block Four

Two Bedrooms
Starting at $145,095

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Two Bedrooms

One Bathroom

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This block will have cascading floors with all the apartments featuring large verandas/balconies, some with beautiful views and space for outdoor furniture and potted plants. They come completely serviced and will have backup water, solar, fibre internet and metered LPG gas. Block 4 units will include six floors with additional features such as a clear line of site with glass balconies. All apartments will be serviced with an elevator.

This is our most prestigious block of apartment to date, comprising of modern architectural design and amenities tailored for premium luxury lifestyle living. For the first time, we are introducing three bedroom apartments in addition to studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments

These apartments can be purchased as lock-up shell units with exterior work and common areas completed. At the Lock up stage, the building is completed with fitted  windows and exterior doors installed. In addition, first fix plumbing and electrical fittings, gas and fibre internet connections are also done whilst the interior finishes are left for you to complete to your taste and preference

The apartment complex will include recreational facilities such as the Millennium Park, consisting of a lake, trees, manicured gardens, walk/cycling track, play area for children,  swimming pools, tennis court, gym and a clubhouse.

Prices exclude VAT. The payment plan is a minimum of 30% deposit and up to 12 months instalment payments. There is a 1% interest charged from the 4th month on a residual balance per month.


Borrowdale West, Harare North

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