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About West Property

Incorporated in 2007, West Property is a privately owned, full-service property development company, registered under the Companies Act chapter 24:03. Adding the twenty year expertise of Waymark Investments to the portfolio, West Property is focused on the 'big picture' of developing environmentally conscious, innovative properties for today and the future. The company offers its expertise as master planner, financier and developer of appropriately designed, customized and built residential, office and retail property within the Greater Harare Area.

The company adds value to clients by improving development of its land banks into the latest and most fashionable and prestigious residential estates and commercial properties.

Our Business

West Property is determined to change the skyline of Harare and breathe life into local development. As a dynamic and relevant company, West Property is committed to developing high standard properties that suit their clients needs. To date well over 2500 serviced, surveyed and titled residential stands have been developed comprising in essence a new Harare suburb with all the required community services called Mainway Meadows. The majority of these stands now accommodate substantial middle income homes and all have complied with City of Harare municipal by-laws to the highest standard.

Our Services

We deliver value to our stakeholders through the strategic development of our current and future land banks in the following manner:

•    Property Development – Encompasses purchasing of property, adding value, and either holding or selling the property. This may take many forms, and ranges from purchasing vacant land for sub-division, to the purchase of existing properties which may be refurbished, re-designed or modified to increase the appeal of the property to clients or other investors.
•    Project Management – Managing the development process on behalf of Joint Venture partners and originating Public Private Partnerships (PPP). In this case, we use our skills and market knowledge to add value on behalf of others. Depending on the situation this may involve anything from undertaking to finance the projects, to assisting with the design and town planning processes, to ultimately seeing a new building completed.
•    Property Sales & Management Services – Estate agency, leasing and property management

West Property is opportunity driven and owns substantial land banks in prime mixed- use locations in the Greater Harare area to achieve its corporate objectives.


Past, current and future developments are;

Past Projects:

Kuwadzana 4 Extension (1998) – 4500 houses constructed and sold

Mainway Meadows Estate (2010) – 2500 stands developed and sold

Gunhill Residential

Mbudzi People’s Market

Current Projects - Planning Complete And Active:

Pokugara Residential Estate

Millennium Heights

Future Projects – In Planning Pipeline:

Millenium Office Park

Mall of Zimbabwe









West Property Company Pvt Ltd.

3 Fairbridge Avenue Belgravia

Harare, Zimbabwe

Pvt Bag A6210, Avondale

Harare, Zimbabwe

Call +263 71 935 5288

Our Team

The People who Make Up West Property
  • Investors

    Partnership Opportunities

    West Properties is one of the leading property development companies in Harare, Zimbabwe. We currently have several strategic partnerships in place and are pursuing opportunities for new investors to partner with us in exciting new projects as they roll out as potential property owners, debt providers or equity participants.

    If interested, please contact us at invest@westproperty.co.zw



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