The Zimbabwe Mail - Harare Airport Road Article

9th June 2016

Augur Investments

Augur Investments P/L has a Private/Public Partnership (Triple P) arrangement with the City of Harare. It is through that Triple P that Augur Investments was invited by the Government of Zimbabwe to submit proposals for the Airport Highway. Submissions and Engineers drawings were not only submitted to The City of Harare but also to a full sitting Cabinet and subsequently to the highest office in the land, the President's Office. The project received Special Project Status and was authorized by three independent ministries; Local Government, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Finance. The fact that a project team comprising officials from the City of Harare and Augur sought the counsel of Power Construction in South Africa, a highly respected and competent company that has unequivocal expertise in road construction and engineering is not irregular given the level of its expertise in the field. In addition, no amount of the said over US$3 million was ever paid to Power Construction. Due diligence was followed prior to the commissioning of the project. Augur Investments has reiterated their availability at all times to give the correct position. The parties involved in writing these incorrect and indeed libellous articles, without following the age old journalistic ethic of consulting the parties that stand to lose from damaging publicity.